GC Golf Croquet

This competition is a repeat of the one-day GC Progressive Doubles tournament format, similar to the one in April. All games are played as doubles, but players enter as individuals, not pairs, and all doubles pairings are assigned on the day by the tournament manager and will change for each game. Insofar as it is possible, pairings will also tend towards pairing a higher handicapper with a lower handicapper.

This year all GC competition handicap games will be played as first-to-7 hoops to ADVANTAGE rules in order to align with Croquet England policy.

The handicap of each pair will be calculated in the usual way.

Time limits may be imposed to ensure that the tournament reaches a timely conclusion.

Players should NOT enter results on their handicap cards.

GC Progressive Doubles Tournament
results by year:

Title: GC Progressive Doubles Tournament
Handicaps: GC: any
Capacity: 32Entries so far: 12
Date: Sunday 15 September
Entries: Non-members may be invited from 2 weeks before the tournament to make up numbers.
Manager: Simon Hathrell
Format: AMD. Provisionally, if there are sufficient entrants then players will be split by handicap into two groups, and then pairs will comprise one player from each group. The two winners will then be the two individuals who have the best results in their own group.


  1. Play starts at 10:00, and entrants should expect to play until at least mid-afternoon.
  2. Tea will be provided, but please bring your own lunches.
  3. Winner: the individual player(s) with most wins. Tie-breakers:
    1. Net hoops
    2. Wins vs. those tied if they have all played each other, otherwise 'matchpoints' (see the CqE tournament regulations).
  4. Whites are optional (but the manager thinks they look nice).

Name Club H'cap
Stephen Webb Watford 4
Steve Dennis Watford 5
Ron Hibbs Watford 8
Robert Bateson Watford 8
Anne Dennis Watford 8
Ian Davidson Watford 8
Lois Hall Watford 9
Mike Grossmith Watford 9
Marian Hardy Newport 9
┼×ebnem Kaya Watford 10
Paul Lakra Watford 10
John Suckling Watford 11