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National The Mary Rose is a national inter-club team croquet competition that is run each year in England and Wales by Croquet England. Club teams comprise 4 players who must each have handicaps of at least 0, and with their aggregate handicap being at least 4. It is a knock-out competition played to Level Advanced rules, with the earlier rounds drawn on a regional basis to minimise travel times.

Last year for the second consecutive year we reached the semi-final where we lost to Hurlingham.

Fixtures contact: Simon Hathrell

Mary Rose match results by year:

All games: = Level Advanced
Date Opponents Venue Results (Watford names first)
Round 1
Round 2
Wed 8 May
Newport Away

WON 4-2

(Net index points: -9)
Brian Havill (½) &
Gary Bennett (2½)
beat Andrew Gregory (2) &
Cliff Jones (2)
Stephen Mills (3) beat Chris van Essen (8) +9
Arthur Reed (3½) lost to Mat Hardy (5) -16
Gary Bennett (2½) beat Cliff Jones (2) +12
Stephen Mills (3) lost to Mat Hardy (5) -9
Arthur Reed (3½) beat Chris van Essen (8) +21

Brian Havill vs Andrew Gregory: unfinished.
Sat 22 Jun
Wrest Park Home

WON 5-2

(Net index points: -4)
Brian Havill (½) &
Nick Archer (1½)
beat John Bevington (½) &
Tim Brewer (2½)
Jonathan Lambton (3) beat Tim Nurse (8) +24
Stephen Mills (3) lost to Peter Rothwell (5) -11
Brian Havill (½) beat John Bevington (½) +18
Nick Archer (1½) beat Tim Brewer (2½) +17
Jonathan Lambton (3) lost to Peter Rothwell (5) -26
Stephen Mills (3) beat Tim Nurse (8) +24
Surbiton Away  

Statistics (Watford players)
Name Singles
Brian Havill1-02-03-0
Gary Bennett1-01-02-0
Nick Archer1-01-02-0
Stephen Mills2-20-02-2
Arthur Reed1-10-01-1
Jonathan Lambton1-10-01-1

The full knock-out table for this year's results and an archive of the results back to 1989 for all clubs are maintained by Croquet England.

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