1. Personal data provided by members of Watford (Cassiobury) Croquet Club ("the Club"), or any data provided by or generated from users of its website ("the Website") that identifies the user, will never be sold or given to third parties without the member's or user's permission.
  2. Contact details of members of the Club ("Members") are not displayed on the public pages of the Website except where agreed with that member (e.g. to publicise a contact for an event). When an email address is shown, in order to minimise the amount of 'spam' an attempt is made to disguise it from 'robots' trawling the Website, while still making it accessible to individuals browsing.
  3. Members' contact details are available in the private pages of the Website to other Members who have logged in.
  4. When a photograph of a person is made available to the Club, it is assumed that the photograph may be published on the Website in conjunction with information identifying that person unless explicitly requested otherwise.
  5. Members have the right to view and correct any data held about them by the Club, or to ask for it to be deleted. However, Members must allow the Club to retain enough data to contact them if they wish to remain as Members.
  6. Members who also become charity Trustees consent to have their names and contact details given to the UK Charity Commission, and for the Commission to publish their names (but not their contact details).


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The Club is not responsible for the content of any third party websites reached via links in the Club website.