GC Association Croquet

The past winners of the Cassiobury Croquet Club Singles Competition trophy were:

1944  F.F.W. Staddon
1945  Albert Byers
1946  F.F.W. Staddon
1947  J.F. Staddon
1948  J.F. Staddon
1949  F.F.W. Staddon
1950  Betty Hurst
1951  F.F.W. Staddon
1952  W.P.M. Field
1953  F.F.W. Staddon
1954  B.C.I. Sharpe
1955  Betty Hurst
1956  B.C.I. Sharpe
1957  F.F.W. Staddon
1958  Betty Hurst
1960  R.A. Godby
1961  D.W. Miller
1962  D.W. Miller
1963  D.W. Miller
1964  R.G.S. Shewan
1967  A.R. Byrne
1968  H.W. Grace
1969  R.N. Bateson
1970  R.N. Bateson
1971  R.N. Bateson
1972  H.W. Grace
1973  H.W. Grace
1974  G.C. Purser
1975  H.W. Grace
1978  H.W. Grace
1979  B.V. Stallworthy
1980  B.V. Stallworthy
1981  B.V. Stallworthy
1982  B.C. Harvey
1983  A. Machell & R.F. Westlake
1984  R.N. Bateson
1985  R.W. McNabb
1986  E.C. Wheeler
1987  Ian McNabb
1988  A.J. Huby
1991  A. Clark
1992  B. Gillott
1993  B. Gillott
1994  B. Gillott
1995  B. Gillott
1996  M. Homan
1997  M. Homan
1998  J.B. Gibbons
1999  Samantha Symonds
2000  R.N. Bateson
2001  J.D. Smallbone
2002  S.J. Hathrell

Over the years the club's Singles Championship has been determined by various formats of Association Croquet game. In the earlier years there is no record of the competition format, but in the more recent years up to 2002 it was determined by a Handicap competition. Since 2003 it has been determined by a Level Advanced competition, and a new Watford (Cassiobury) Croquet Club Handicap Championship trophy was introduced for Handicap play. In subsequent years further competitions were also added from time to time.

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Handicap* All England
Late summer
2003 Mark Homan   John Bee   Janet Lewis    
2004 Ian Parkinson   Janet Lewis   Janet Lewis Jason Carley    
2005 Simon Hathrell Jason Carley Wendy Spencer-Smith [not contested]
2006 Simon Hathrell Simon Hathrell Norah Ward Wendy Spencer-Smith
2007 Simon Hathrell Simon Hathrell Arthur Reed Janet Lewis Norah Ward
2008 Simon Hathrell Adam Huby Robin Barry Janet Lewis Geoff Johnson
2009 Simon Hathrell Robin Barry John Smallbone Janet Carleton Geoff Johnson Janet Lewis
2010 John Smallbone Simon Hathrell Simon Hathrell Janet Lewis Janet Carleton Geoff Johnson
2011 Simon Hathrell Alan Clark Alan Clark [not contested] Alan Clark Adrian Lepper Arthur Reed
2012 Simon Hathrell Adam Huby John Bee Janet Lewis Peter Chadwick Nick Archer Chris Frost
2013 Simon Hathrell John Smallbone Geoff Johnson [not contested] Adam Huby Adrian Lepper Brian Havill
2014 Arthur Reed John Bee Nick Archer Nick Archer André Machell André Machell Brian Havill
2015 Simon Hathrell Alan Clark Nick Archer Alan Clark André Machell André Machell André Machell
2016 Simon Hathrell Alan Clark Nick Archer Jonathan Lambton Jonathan Lambton Robin Barry Jonathan Lambton
2017 Alan Clark Alan Clark Adam Huby Adam Huby John Moore Nick Archer Mark Homan
2018 Simon Hathrell Geoff Johnson Jonathan Lambton John Smallbone Wendy Spencer-Smith Adam Huby Robin Barry
2019 Simon Hathrell Arthur Reed John Smallbone Jonathan Lambton John Moore Mark Homan Wendy Spencer-Smith
2020¹ [no winner] [no winner] Mark Homan [no winner] John Suckling André Machell Geoff Johnson
2021¹ [no winner] [no winner] Adam Huby Adam Huby John Moore John Smallbone Mark Homan
2022 Simon Hathrell Alan Clark David Robinson David Robinson David Robinson Arthur Reed Mark Homan
2023 Geoff Johnson Geoff Johnson Eddie Chung Jonathan Lambton Eddie Chung Eddie Chung James Brind
2024 John Bee
In 2014 the winner of the B-Level Advanced knock-out was also a finalist in a multi-life Level Advanced knock-out, and in 2015 the engraving area of the Singles Championship trophy was expanded with the addition of an extra plinth.
With the exception of 2020 and 2021, since 2007 the winner of the All England Handicap knock-out has also been the fourth semi-finalist in a multi-life Handicap knock-out.
From 2019 the One-Ball tournament was run as a charity event as part of the national Charity One-Ball competition.
In 2020 and 2021 because of the Covid-19 pandemic there were too few games played in some tournaments for a winner to be identified.

Most wins (Singles Championship):

S.J. Hathrell
F.F.W. Staddon
H.W. Grace
R.N. Bateson
B. Gillott
Betty Hurst
D.W. Miller
B.V. Stallworthy
M. Homan