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Welcome to the Watford (Cassiobury) Croquet Club.

The Club is over 85 years old. We have 4 courts in Cassiobury Park, a little to the north-west of Watford town centre, with the new 4th court opened in 2019. Membership is open to persons of any age, and the main playing season runs from April to September. The facilities are leased from Watford Borough Council, who also maintain the courts.

At present we have about 80 members, ranging from beginners to experts high up in the UK rankings. New players are warmly welcome and are offered use of equipment, coaching and an enjoyable time.

Croquet is one of the oldest known sports, and it has been played in the Cassiobury area since the 19th century. There are two varieties of the game commonly played today, ACAssociation Croquet and GCGolf Croquet. Both games can be played as singles by 2 players or doubles involving 4 players.

ACAssociation Croquet is the traditional game, which at its best requires high levels of physical skill and complex tactics. Full games can take up to several hours. The Club plays Association Croquet matches against other clubs in Friendly friendly matches, the League Beds & Herts League and nationally, and this year is staging both a Saturday One-Day Open and a 2-day Midweek Open Tournament.

GCIn contrast, Golf Croquet is an easy to understand game that takes 20 - 40 mins to complete. It has been played at Watford (Cassiobury) Croquet Club since 1936, but enjoyed quite a renaissance in 2003 and has been very popular with beginners and as a social occasion. Golf Croquet is also played against other clubs in both Friendly friendly matches and the League West Area of the East Anglian league, and once again there is also a one-day Open Golf Croquet Tournament being staged.

There is a variety of both internal competitions and open tournaments each season for those who are interested, to suit all levels of player from beginner to expert, and an effective handicapping system ensures that everyone has a chance of winning.

You might be surprised by this wonderful game!

Interested in playing? Prospective members can try the game for free before deciding whether to join the club. You can visit us during any regular club session and have a go - that's like having over 100 Open Days each season. See the Calendar for details, and pick a time that suits you; then just turn up and speak to a club member. Contact us for more information. Or perhaps get some planned coaching?

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